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Working principle of small concrete pumps for sale

The pumping system of small size concrete pump is driven by electric motor or diesel engine, the concrete throughput can be adjusted automatically by the hydraulic system or manual control. Pumping system consists of six parts: hopper, mixing system, concrete distributing valve, concrete conveying cylinder, washing chamber and master cylinder.

Actually, the working process of small concrete pumps for sale is suction and discharge of the concrete by pressure. When the pressure oil of the hydraulic system enters into the master cylinder, the piston rod stretches out,;

At the same time, the pressure oil passed the communicating pipe makes another piston rod retract, when the concrete conveying piston connected with the piston of the master cylinder retracts, it will have a self priming effect on the conveying cylinder, and the concrete in the hopper will be inhaled into the conveying cylinder by guiding valve under the effect of air pressure and mixing blades.

Meanwhile, another oil cylinder under the effect of the oil pressure pushes the piston rod of the master cylinder to stretch out, and drives the concrete piston to push out the concrete in the conveying cylinder, and enters into the concrete conveying pipeline through the guiding valve conveying mouth Y pipe.

Price of small concrete pumps

Maybe you are very interested in the small concrete pump price. And want to know how to choose the most appropriate one for your engineering project, here we will introduce some hot types in detail for your reference. You can have a check on specifications. Different types pump have different discharging volume, aggregate diameter, pumping pressure and pumping distance, so they have different price, you can choose the most suitable one for your construction according to the specifications of the pump below. We will show you the most reasonable price. Click our website and get the latest price small capacity concrete pump. If your construction project is very little, there is also mini concrete pump for sale.


Small-sized concrete pump has plentiful advantages, and it can be driven by both electric motor and diesel engine, which greatly solve the special construction problem to a large extent.

If your country lacks of electricity, diesel small line concrete pumping will be an ideal for your project.

What’s more, its small volume, light weight make it easier to move to anywhere. And it can achieve continuous operation, the working efficiency is pretty high.

The most important thing is that it is more convenient to maintain, and you don’t have to pay much cost on its maintenance.

In addition, concrete mixer pump is aslo a good choice, because it can achieve mixing and conveying on its own.

It can not only save your production cost, but also shorten the construction period, for its unique pumping system makes great contributions to the working productivity. You can have a detailed understanding about concrete mixer pump. And as one of the best small concrete pump manufacturer, we can also customize the pump for your special need.