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Small Concrete Pump

Small concrete pump includes small concrete mixer and pump, and small (trailer) concrete pump, it has small volume and small output, which is much more suitable for building construction, slope protection project, bridge construction, water conservancy project, etc, you can choose a proper one according to your practical construction condition.  And this page will introduce you some hot types small concrete pump machines. Please read ahead. If you have some doubts, you can click button: GET A QUOTE, or leave message on the contact box at the bottom of this page, our salesman will give you professional reply.

Small Concrete Pump With Mixer

Small Diesel Type Concrete Mixer Pump

Small concrete pump is a kind of machine, which is used to convey concrete continuously along the pipeline. And it has played an essential role in conveying concrete. Under the current circumstance of sluggish economy, big city commercial housing construction, railway construction, bridge construction are in frustration, therefore, the small mobile concrete pump is in great demand. And small concrete pumps are widely used to convey mortar, small aggregates, refractory materials, thermal insulation materials, greening soil in ecological environment construction and plain concrete, fiber concrete in various kinds of engineering projects.

Pumping features

The small concrete pumps sale have been very popular with the concrete pumping for its effective pumping system.

1. Oil hydraulic circuits work independently and function normally;

2. Anti-pump is beneficial to exclude pipe blocking and switch off the machine for a short time;

3. Adopts advanced S type distributing valve and makes up for wearing clearance automatically, good seal performance; trailer concrete pump is also ideal choice, you can have a look, it is on a trailer unit, which is easy and convenient to move and transport;

4. Uses wear-resistant alloy glasses plate and float glass cutting, long service life;

5. Long material cylinder prolongs the service life of the material cylinder and valve;

6. Optimized hopper is easier to clean, better suction capacity;

7. Automatic centralized lubrication system ensures themachine can be lubricated effectively during the operation;

8. Have remote control and the operation is safer and more convenient;

9. Brand spare parts, better interchangeability.