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Features and Advantages of Our Small Diesel Concrete Pump

Intelligent power control system to regulate the engine speed automatically for smooth and efficient operation. Plunger pump with constant power to ensure the efficiency of main engine high-quality wear resistant alloy components for long service-life. Air cooling system without dependence of external water. PLC system to ensure best control performance, and it is equipped with wired remote controller to make the operation is really easy. Automatic lubrication system ensures a long time continuous operation of our diesel concrete pump.

Our diesel concrete pump is especially suitable for high-rise building and other concrete construction projects to deliver concrete. Our diesel concrete pump has a high suction efficiency as trailer concrete pump, which is higher 10% than the suction efficiency of average industry. The equipment of our diesel engine concrete pump is international brands, there is no leakage and no pollution. Our diesel concrete pump has independent cooling and filtering system, and the oil temperature of hydraulic system is really low, the impact is really small, the reliability is really high. Our diesel concrete pump uses intelligent electronic control system and diesel engine speed control computer automatic control technology, which has advantages of convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

The Internal Structure of Our Small Diesel Concrete Pump:

This equipment consists of mixing motor, pressure gage, hopper, oil tank, shell, mixing valve, main value, lubricant pump, oil pump, heat sink, diesel engine, electric cabinet, high-pressure oil pipe, guide wheel, accumulator, power switch and push machine.

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