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Concrete Pump With Mixers For Sale

Concrete pump with mixer for sale construction is greatly affected by high temperature, and the failure rate of concrete mixer pump for sale UK and other equipment is relatively high. High temperature not only increases the evaporation rate of water content in concrete, but also affects workers’ physical power and efficiency of construction.

So how do you maintain efficient construction at high temperatures? Please note the followings:

1. In summer, the temperature of the pump pipe is easy to rise, and the concrete in the pipe is easy to dehydrate, which leads to pipe blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the pipe with wet straw bag or other cooling supplies. At the same time try to shorten the concrete laying time an avoid blocking the pipe.

2. During the concrete construction, large scale of concrete will quicken the evaporation and solid, it is easy to cause concrete cracks, for electric concrete pump with mixer or sale, it is necessary to do second plaster for the surface of a building. And the time should not be too early or too late. What’s more, after the second plastering, must watering for 7 to 14 days, adding water to concrete is not allowed.

3. Open the radiator, avoids temperature of the equipment system of concrete pump with mixer is too high, if necessary, should change the hydraulic oil and filter element and ensure the oil tank is full.

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