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Concrete Pump With Mixer For Sale

Concrete pump with mixer for sale is equipped with concrete mixers, therefore, it is named concrete pump with mixer, it not only can pump concrete, but also produce or mix concrete. There are two types concrete mixers can be matched: JZC series concrete mixer and JS series twin shaft concrete mixer. Drum concrete mixer pump is mainly equipped with concrete drum mixer, so it can produce concrete and pump concrete continuously, but concrete produced by concrete drum mixer has general quality. This drum concrete mixer pump is suitable for the mixing and conveying of fine stone concrete pump and aggregate concrete in all kinds of construction, such as: new rural construction, irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure construction, small high-rise construction. Compulsory concrete mixer truck with pump for sale has high pumping pressure and good continuity, which is equipped with JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, can produce high-quality concrete.

Model: JB40-JZC350

Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h

Electrical Motor: 45kw

Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 100m

Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 500m

Max. Aggregate Diameter: Scree: 20-30mm

According to power source, we mainly diesel concrete pump with mixer have electric concrete mixing pump. Diesel concrete pump with mixer is driven by diesel engine, it will cause a little pollution, but can achieve continuous functions. In addition, it is much suitable for areas is short of electricity or no electricity. We mainly have JBS30R and JBS40R for your selection.

Electric concrete pump mixer truck is driven by electric motor, it can work efficiently in areas with sufficient electricity. We have JBS30 and JBS40 for your reference. We also have JBT30 concrete mixer with pump, it is trailer type, also can be named as concrete mixer trailer pump.

As for capacity, you can have a look at our specifications of concrete pump with mixer for sale, then according to your real needs to choose a right type.


Whole performance of machine
Max. theo. concrete outputm3/h10

Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa10

Distribution valve type

Concrete cylinder diameter√óstrokemm–§140√ó1000

Hopper capacityL400

Outlet diametermm–§100
Power system
Main motor   kw

Vice motorkw11


Water pump motor powekw0.55

Rotate speedr/min1480

Feeding capacityL0.25

Discharging capacityL0.2
Hydraulic system
Circuit type
Open circuit

Pumping system pressureMPa28

Mixing system pressureMPa

Capacity of oil tankL370

The biggest transportation is away from vertically (/Level)m100/300
Other parameters
Max. aggregate diametermmDiameter: 20

Inside diameter of delivering pipemm–§80


Total weightkg3200