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Operational Guidance Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

The operator drives the self loading concrete mixers to the materials stacking place and puts all the raw materials needed by production into the mixing drum with the bucket, and the mixing drum begins to mixing all the materials, after finished concrete mixing, the operator will send the concrete mixture to the designated construction site, during the transportation, the mixing drum will keep mixing the concrete in case the concrete mixture will freeze. The following picture is 2.5 cub self loading concrete mixer, for its compact structure and easy movement, the whole transportation process gets very convenient.

Main Parameter´╝ł2.5m3´╝ëZY 2500
Drum capacity4.5cbm
Real concrete yield per batch2.5cbm
4 wheel driver,2 wheel steering
EngineWeifang Huadong
Discharge270┬░discharging concrete
OperationOne joystick control main functions