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Mobile Concrete Mixer

Mobile concrete mixer is very easy to move and install in construction sites, to some extent, high mobility greatly reduces the construction period. Here is a multifunctional mobile mixer, named mobile concrete mixer for sale. The biggest advantage of mixer is it can achieve self load, mix and self discharge, no other auxiliary equipment is required. Moreover, it has four-wheels driving and four-wheels steering, and the drum is on a truck chassis, which is very convenient to move from site to site. And its drum can rotate 270 degrees, therefore, it can load and discharge materials at the range of 270 degrees. The following is a video about this mobile concrete mixer.


Mobile Concrete Mixer Video-How To Hanle Mobile Concrete Mixer

We mainly have mobile concrete mixer capacity of 1.2cub, 2.5cub, 3.5cub and 4cub. Take the most popular 3.5cub mobile mixer for an example. Capacity of the drum is 5.3cub, output is 3.5cub, charge-weight ratio is 66%. Horizontal rotary of drum is 300 degrees, and height of discharge outlet is 1.8m, it can produce concrete 4batches per hour, that’s to say, its productivity is 14m?/h. we use YC diesel engine, rated power is 92KW. We adopt full hydraulic drive. On the low speed road, it can move 0-10km/h, on the high speed road, it can move 0-25km/h. in the hydraulic system, there are two variable pumps, used to hydraulic transmission and drum rotation. Self loading concrete mixer machine is equipped with two detachable shaft pins to prolong the discharge length. Our water supply system adopt self-priming hydraulic drive pump. As for brake, we use wet brake, double independent circuit. Any detailed specifications, you can find in in specification table.