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Large Concrete Mixers for Sale

Our larger concrete mixers for sale are efficient machines, which can ensure the smooth working in various concrete construction projects due to its high degree of automation, strong mixing performance, good mixing quality and convenient discharging. Different from small batch concrete mixer, our large cement mixer can be combined with a cement silo, a screw conveyor and a concrete batching machine to form different models of large and medium-sized mixing plant, and it also can also can be used alone in small and medium-sized construction projects. Our Large Concrete Mixer is the best helper in various construction sites, so it is widely used in various types of large, medium and small prefabricated plants, bridges, roads, docks, water conservancy and other civil construction projects and large projects.

concrete mixer js750

General Models of Our Large Concrete Mixers for Sale

The general models of our large cement mixers are: JS1000 concrete mixer, JS1500 concrete mixer, JS2000 concrete mixer, JS3000 concrete mixer and JS4000 concrete mixer. In addition, our big cement mixer can be customized according to user’s needs.

Features and Advantages of Our Large Concrete Mixers for Sale

1. It Adopts Shaft End Seal Patented Technology: Our large cement mixer for sale adopts the shaft-end seal patented technology, which can effectively prevent leakage of slurry phenomenon.

2. Strong Mixing Performance: Our big concrete mixer has advantages of evenly mixing, smooth running to ensure its strong mixing performance.

3. Good mixing quality: Our large concrete mixer for sale has a good mixing quality as compulsory mixer and large portable concrete mixer, which can evenly mix dry concrete, plastic concrete, flowing concrete, lightweight ag

gregate concrete and all kinds of mortar in a short time.

4. Quickly and Clean Discharging: Our large cement mixer adopts pneumatic or hydraulic discharging, which can achieve quick and clean discharging.

5. Longer Service Life: The liner and blade of our large concrete mixers are made of wear-resistant cast iron, and the service life of our mixer is five times of other mixers.

6. Multi-function: Our Large Concrete Mixer can be combined with a cement silo, a screw conveyor and a concrete batching machine to form multi-functional mixing plants, which greatly meets the needs of users.

7. It is A Green Environmental Protection Machinery: Our big cement mixer has features of low noise, less dust, low energy consumption, which is a good green environmental protection machinery.

Company Strength

We Aimix Group are appointed as a certain manufacturer by China Construction Machinery Association, and we have got honor of Chinese Outstanding Enterprise, Quality Trustworthy Enterprise, First Class Enterprise of FRC and China Excellent Enterprise. At present, our Large Concrete Mixers for Sale have been exported to many countries and received many praise from our users and government. If you need to know more about the price, you can email us or call us. We will maintain a 24-hour contact with you, including festival and holidays.