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Advantages of mobile concrete mixer for sale

1. Small volume and light weight;

2. Convenient movement and long service life;

3. Reasonable and compact structure andattractive appearance;

4. Easy operation and reliable transmission;

5. Smooth function and low energy consumption;

6. Good mixing quality and fast mixing speed.

concrete mixer plant mao

A simple classification There are many different types of mobile concrete mixers for sale. Such as diesel concrete mixer, electric concrete mixer and self loading concrete mixer. Our diesel concrete mixers for sale mainly are JZR series, they are driven by diesel, which greatly solve the difficulty of mixing concretes for those countries where lack of electricity; Our electric cement mixers for sale are JZC series and JZM series, they are driven by electric power, the biggest advantage is that this kind of construction can provide consistent power, which has superior mixing quality and fast mixing speed; as for mobile concrete mixer with self-loading design, it is just like a small concrete mixer truck, it has more convenient mobility than other’s, because it has four tires. The operator can drive it to anywhere freely. And it has high working efficiency.

Differences between JZC350 and JZC350B If you pay more attention to our mobile concrete mixer, you will find, our JZC series have two similar mixers, one is JZC350, another is JZC350B. All information about these two is the same, the only difference is their feeding method. The discharging method of JZC350 is by rotating the hopper and pouring the materials into the cylinder, while the discharging method of JZC350B is lifting the hopper up to the right above of the cylinder and opening the discharging door.

Structure of JZ series concrete mobile mixer for sale

1. Mixing drum;

2. Transmission system, includes electric motor, speed reducer, pinion, mixing drum and big gear ring;

3. Feeding system, consists of hoisting mechanism, feeding frame, hopper and loading hopper;

4. Water supply system, covers electric motor, water pump, three-way valve and aqueous phase;

5. Chassis and traction system. In addition, the whole components of concrete mobile mixer are installed on a pull-type chassis, under the chassis equipped with moving wheels. The axle is equipped with damping spring, the steering mechanism and traction trolley are installed on the front axle.

6. Electrical control system, the corotation, the reversal and the stop of the mixing drum and the function, the stop of the water pump are all under the control of the buttons.

Next, we will have a detailed introduction about mixing system and transmission system of our JZ series double cones. When the mixing drum rotates in forward direction, mixes the materials, when the mixing drum reverses, discharges the materials.

Mixing drum

The structure of mixing drum is double cone, some high and low blades weld into the mixing drum, form a certain angle with the mixing axis. During the mixing process, with the rotation of mixing drum, the blades make the materials do the axial direction reciprocating motion at the same time of lifting and falling. Therefore, the mixing quality is good. Just needs 35 to 45s, the mixing drum will finish mixing.

The followings are the figure and components of JZC200 mobile mixer for sale

1. Drag rod;

2. Mixing drum;

3. Big gear ring;

4. Pulley;

5. Hopper;

6. Steel wire rope;

7. Outrigger;

8. Moving wheel;

9. Power and transmission system;

10. Chassis;

11. Riding wheel.

Transmission system

There are two kinds of transmission methods for mobile mixers for sale. One is by gear, another depends on friction. Transmission system consists of electric motor, speed reducer, pinion, mixing drum and big gear ring.

1. Gear transmission. As shown in the following figure, The JZC series mixers’ mixing drum is supported by four ridding wheels, the electric motor drives speed reducer, the speed reducer drives the pinion, and the pinion and the big gear ring rotate reversely each other and drive the big gear to rotate and drive the mixing drum to rotate.

2. Friction transmission. As shown below, the friction transmission depends on the friction between wear-resisting rubber roller and raceway of the mixing drum to drive the mixing drum to rotate.