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Water supply and cleaning system of transit mixer truck for sale

It is used to clean the mixer tank, and prevent the hard concrete attached to the wall of the tank. There are two types water supply and cleaning system: pneumatic type and water pump type. Water volume is generally 300L to 500L.

Characteristics: volume of the water tank is 450L, pneumatic water supply, air pressure of working is 0.2MPa, main waterway adopts pressureproof and attractive aluminium plastic pipe.

Feed and discharge system: finish the concrete loading and unloading.

Feed and discharge system includes feed hopper, outlet hopper, main channel and lifting slewing mechanism.

Features: 16Mn wear resistant steel plate, cold press molding, it has high wear resistance, beautiful appearance, feed hopper can meet the demand of 3cub loading each time, main channel can be lifted and it can rotate within 180 degrees.

concrete mixer truck

Components of concrete mixer tank

Concrete mixer tank incorporates hydraulic system, water supply and cleaning system, mixing system, feeding and discharging system, stander, operation system, lifting equipment, main channel and deputy channel.

Hydraulic system includes hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and reducer.

hydraulic pumphydraulic pump

hydraulic motorhydraulic motor reducerreducer

Hydraulic pump: transform the mechanical energy transferred from additional drive shaft into liquid pressure energy, then transfer them to hydraulic motor. Main brands are REXROTH, Salo, ARK, etc, output is 89ml or 90ml. Hydraulic motor: transform liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy and transfer them to reducer. We use REXROTH, Salo, ARK, etc, output is 89ml or 90ml.

Reducer: slown down the high speed power transmitted by the motor, then transit them to the mixer drum, we adopt German ZF, Italy PMP, Italy TOP, etc, torque is 75000 or 80000N.m.