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Working Process Of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The working process of mobile batch plant for sale is easy to understand.

concrete batching plant camleway sicoma (39)

1. Wheel loader sends several kinds of aggregates to the batcher, after the weighing, the aggregates will be conveyed by the belt conveyor to the waiting storage bin;

2. Open the butterfly bamper of the cement silo, cement and coal ash will be discharged to the powder weighing system through screw conveyor, and after the weighing, the powder will be discharged to the mixing console;

3. As for additive and water, they are pumped into the individual weighing hopper, and after the weighing process, additive will be discharged to the water weighing hopper, and then, the mixture will be discharged to the mixing console;

4. Firstly, mix the powder and mixture of water and additive into the mixing cylinder, begin to mix, several minutes later, discharge the proportioned aggregates into the mixing console. And mix again. Twice mixing will not only improve the mixing quality, but also protect the mixing console;

5. After the mixing process, the concrete mixture is accomplished. So, put them into the concrete mixer truck and transport them to the designated construction site.