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Working principle of Mini Concrete Batching Plant

 Aggregates conveying and weighing. The wheel loader puts all kinds of designated aggregates to the aggregates batcher machine, the aggregates include sand, pebble, stone and other aggregates. And there are three ways to weigh those aggregates: separate weighing and accumulative weighing. Meanwhile, the other way of accumulative weighing is through the belt. The features of three weighing methods:

hls series commercial concrete mixing station

1) Separate weighing: there is a weighing hopper under each storage hopper, the aggregates are sent to the belt and after weighing, all aggregates weighing are conducted at the same time, so it has high weighing efficiency and accuracy;

2) Accumulative weighing: the structure of weighing system is the same as the separate weighing’ s, the difference is this weighing process is in turn, such as, finish weighing pebble, and then weighing the sand, and after finish the whole aggregates weighing, send the proportioned aggregates to the storage bin through the belt conveyor;

3) Through the belt: it belongs to accumulative weighing, but there is not the weighing hopper, all aggregates are discharged to the belt and there is weighing sensor on the belt, the aggregates are weighed on the belt and sent to the storage bin through the belt conveyor.

2. Powder conveying and weighing. The cement and coal ash are stored in the cement silo, these two kinds of powders are conveyed through the screw conveyor to the powder weighing system by opening the butterfly bamper and all the powders are weighed by the electronic scale weighing instrument and sent to the storage bin;

3. Water and additive supply system. First, water pump draws water from the water pooland injects the water into the water weighing hopper, and the additive pump pumps the additives into the additive weighing system and after additive weighing, enters into the water weighing hopper and mixes them up;

4. Mixing process. There are two horizontal shafts installed in the mixing cylinder, and several blades are allocated on the mixing shaft and shear, segment and squeeze the aggregates evenly;

5. Discharging process. Usually, choose hydraulic discharging, which is an effective way to discharge the concrete mixtures for the mini concrete plant. It has high working efficiency.

Theoretical production capacity(m3/h)25352535
Concrete mixerTypeJS500JS750JS500JS750
Discharging capacity(L)500750500750
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/6080/6080/6080/60
Aggregate Bin volume(m3)
Weighing AccuracyAggregate (KG) ±2% ±2%±2%±2%
Fly ash(KG)

Water (KG)±1%±1%±1%±1%
Total power(KW)50Kw64Kw45Kw60Kw
Discharging height(M)2.8 m2.8 m3.8 m3.8 m
Gross weight(T)12167.715