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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

YHZS25-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant has been ideal choices for mobile construction project of long construction line and needs to change the construction site frequently, such as, highway, railway, port, water-power engineering. And mobile concrete batch plant for sale is a special concrete production equipment combines material storage system, material weighing system, material conveying system, material weighing system, discharging system and full automatic control system into a drag unit. Portable batching plant is the same as the stationary concrete batching plant in working process, operating method and maintenance, meanwhile, it is with features of easy transportation, convenient assembly and disassembly as well as simple storage management. What’s more, portable concrete batch plant is widely used to mix no-slump concrete and fluidity concrete. The whole equipment has less land occupation, and during the usual working process, the maintenance only needs few people and short time, which greatly save the construction cost. Also, portable concrete batching plant is suitable for new rural construction. Its high mechanization degree brings a lot of convenience to people.

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Key Part Of YHZS25-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant-JS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

We mainly have types of YHZS25/35/50/60/75/90/120 for your selection. And they are equipped with corresponding JS series twin shaft concrete mixers: JS500/750/1000/1000/1500/1500/2000. Some portable concrete mixer batching plants are equipped with JSS double spiral belt concrete mixer. Compared to JS series concrete mixer, this kind of concrete mixers reduce the mixing time to half, and the evenness is increased by 15%. But both JS series and JSS series have good reputation from customers, you can choose one kind of according to your practical construction condition. If you want to learn more about concrete machines, you can visit this goole+ page.

Components of YHZS25-75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Mobile batching plant for sale has seven parts.

1. Belt conveyor. Usually adopt belt conveyor to convey the pre-weighed aggregates. It has characteristics of high productivity, long conveying distance, stable performance and low maintenance cost;

2. Cement silo. There are two cement silos in the whole portable cement plant. One is to store the cement and another is used to store fly ash, there are three types for your reference: welded type, bolted type and horizontal type;

3. Concrete batching machine. Aggregate batcher also has many types from two to four storage hoppers. And different types have different weighing methods and efficiency, you can choose a proper one according to the requirement of the construction;

4. Screw conveyor. Screw conveyor is used to transport the cement and coal ash. When the butterfly bamper of the cement silo is opened, the powder will be discharged to the powder weighing system through the screw conveyor;

5. Mixing console. As mentioned above, the mixing console usually is JS or JSS series twin shaft concrete mixer, which can achieve effectively and evenly mixing;

6.Materials weighing system

1) Aggregate weighing. There are three ways to weigh the aggregates: separate weighing, accumulative weighing and belt weighing. If your construction is urgent, you’d better choose separate weighing and there are four warehouses for aggregates weighing at the same time. Therefore, among these three ways, it has the highest weighing efficiency. And for accumulative weighing, under the storage bin is only one weighing hopper, so the aggregates will be weighed in turn and it takes much more time. But compared to separate weighing, it takes lower costs. As for belt weighing, it belongs to accumulative weighing, the difference is that there is a weighing sensor on the belt, when the storage bin discharges the aggregates to the belt and the aggregates will be weighed by the sensor.

2) Powder weighing. Actually, screw conveyor is the bridge between the cement silos and powder weighing system. when the powder is discharged by opening the butterfly bamper, the powder will enter into the powder weighing system and after the weighing process, it will be discharged to the waiting storage bin.

3) Additive and water weighing. Firstly, water pump draws water from the pool and pumps the water into the water weighing hopper. Meanwhile, additive pump will pump the additive to the additive weighing system and after the weighing process, discharge the additive into the water weighing hopper. This type mobile concrete batching plant is equipped with mobile concrete mixer, also named concrete drum mixer. Compared with YHZS series mobile concrete plant, it can produce a large quantity of concrete, but quality of concrete is not so good as that of YHZS series’. Therefore, if you want to high-quality concrete, please choose YHZS series mobile concrete batch plant, while if you need amounts of concrete, YHZM series concrete plant will be your ideal choice. You can choose a right type according to your real needs. If you don’t know how to choose a right mobile concrete plant, contact us, we will give you professional advice and perfect construction scheme.

7. Electrical control system. One is full automatic control and another is semi-automatic control. It all depends your demand.